Fed’s ‘higher for longer’ narrative is here to stay | Ausbiz

Isaac Poole from Oreana Financial Services projects outcomes surrounding the impending Federal Reserve meeting. He highlights that the crucial point lies not in the results of the meeting but rather in the ensuing communications.

Isaac foresees a potential shift if the predicted second rise is cancelled this month, embodying a ‘higher for longer’ narrative. Simultaneously, Isaac watches the US economy closely, observing falling inflation rates and a drop in job growth. He suggests these developments may prolong the Federal Reserve’s period of inactivity.

Moving onto Asia, Isaac anticipates more economic stimulation from the People’s Bank of China aimed at countering the recent downturn. He predicts the Bank of Japan may terminate its easy-money policy, implying minimal risk of the yen strengthening by the year’s end. Armed with these financial insights, Isaac successfully navigates the precarious economic currents worldwide.

(Source: Ausbiz)

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