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Bonds are back: why you need to understand fixed income investing now!

Date: 2 August 2023 (Wednesday)

Time: 1pm – 1:45pm HKT

If there’s one webinar you can’t afford to miss this year, it’s this one! Set aside 45 minutes in your day to discover how to strengthen your finances against recession. Hear directly from respected industry experts Isaac Poole, Global CIO of Oreana Financial, and Malou Jungels, Founder & CIO of Continuum Capital.

Isaac will decode the current economic scenario, emphasising the significance of a robust financial strategy now. He’ll delve into why fixed income investments might be your secret weapon. Malou will share her effective approach to managing these investments amidst turbulent markets. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to direct your questions to these seasoned professionals.

In this must-attend event, you’ll learn:

  • A clear understanding of today’s challenging economy.
  • The importance and potential benefits of fixed income investments right now.
  • Malou’s practical advice on handling these investments in fluctuating markets.
  • Answers to your questions from top financial minds.

Whether you’re a beginner, a seasoned investor or simply interested in finance, this event is set to arm you with crucial insights for financial stability.

Ready to recession-proof your finances with wisdom from the experts? Register today, and join us on 2nd August. Let’s navigate the financial storm together!

SIGN UP NOW! Gear up your financial journey to weather any economic climate.

Dr. Isaac Poole
Global CIO
Oreana Portfolio Advisory

Malou Jungels
Founder & CIO
Continuunm & Co

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