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When selecting the right advisor to manage your wealth it is best to look for one with significant experience in providing strategic wealth management services, one that has clear autonomy to construct the right plan and one with strong expertise in portfolio and risk management, as well as having the right licenses to provide you with access to a broad range of products and services. 

Although we take a global perspective, our wealth practice is firmly rooted in Australian advisory culture. We ensure our clients’ investments are managed by applying robust, repeatable investment and governance processes, based on the firm investment beliefs and best practice processes you would expect from an institutional asset consultant. So, our clients have confidence knowing they are being looked after in every way.

What you need to consider

Some investors have had poor experience with financial advisors and private bankers who push investment ideas that are too complex, expensive or more speculative in nature with little probability of turning out in the client’s favour.

The most recent pandemic crisis revealed some client portfolios were overly exposed to concentrated, risky investments that resulted in margin calls and substantial losses. Even with good intentions, not all wealth advisors are able to autonomously select the most appropriate solutions for implementing the advice they are giving you.

We are experienced in delivering expert wealth management and investment solutions, and our advisors have the autonomy to select the right solutions for you.

We offer a better kind of wealth management solution, applying the craftmanship of our experienced advisors to set appropriate return and risk objectives, where products and investment outcomes are vetted with institutional rigour.

All-round autonomous expertise

With a strong advisory team, we are committed to providing better private wealth management solutions to clients who want an autonomous advisory service which is not tied to any one service provider or financial institution. We work for our clients to provide the best products and services that are in their best interests and are fairly priced.

Investment Solutions

We provide our clients with access to a diverse selection of investment options through a broad range of different product structures. Our advisors will discuss these investment options with you and provide recommendations that are aligned to your financial objectives and risk appetite.

Wealth Protection

A critical part of ensuring the success of any financial plan is putting strategies in place to protect your income and assets should any unforeseen circumstances arise. Whether you are protecting your family or lifestyle for the first time, or updating your insurance needs, we will help with personal insurance to cover a variety of circumstances from loss of income, critical illness, total and permanent disability to premature death.

Retirement Planning

We offer a complete range of services to assist clients plan for their retirement. We can ensure our clients have a clear pathway to a comfortable and care-free retirement through savings strategies, and a range of retirement strategies.

Estate Planning

Providing for the next generation requires careful planning. Our advisors will assess your estate planning needs and may refer you to specialist partners as part of your financial plan. This advice may be in the areas of trust establishment, succession planning, will preparation, establishing a Power of Attorney and the responsible planning and management of your estate.

Specialist Expatriate Services

If you are on an expatriate assignment offshore, you may experience a significant change in your tax and financial position. There can be numerous benefits such as lower taxes or increased remuneration. If you are interested in maximising the financial benefits of your employment, then our advisors have the experience to help you enhance your wealth whilst overseas, along with access to other specialist advisors such as expatriate tax advisors.

Governance and
Stewardship is key

Investment governance and best-practice stewardship has been attracting a growing focus in the global investments landscape, and the world’s largest institutional investors have focused considerable resources on improving investment governance frameworks.

Good governance is more than just meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Identifying and implementing good governance frameworks into the investment process can demonstrably add value for clients over the long run. Conversely, poor governance can destroy value.

With this in mind, we set out foundations for improving investment governance, moving towards best-practice stewardship, and building investment processes that are clearly in the client’s best interest.

For us that means having defensible, repeatable and documented processes that give evidence of the advisor’s efforts to serve clients and manage both the complexity and uncertainty in meeting objectives.

We believe it is one of the key areas which our wealth advisory service sets itself apart. If you consider the quality of advice and the governance of managing your investments important, reach out to us below to learn more.

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