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Sustainable investing captures a wide range of beliefs, processes, and challenges. The disparate methods of implementing those beliefs and processes can result in varying investment outcomes.

We believe that an economically efficient, sustainable global financial system is a necessity for long-term value creation. Such a system will reward long-term, responsible investment and benefit the environment and society as a whole.

Our ESG White Paper

Our whitepaper Sustainable Investing: Key concepts, trends and developments is designed to help our clients understand the how, what, and why of sustainable and ESG investing, in a simple, jargon busting format.

It provides an overview of key sustainable investing concepts, trends, and developments. And we provide some key takeaways and considerations for investors considering implementing investments within a sustainable framework.

We Take Sustainable Investing Seriously

We have a long history of considering sustainable investing for institutional and retail clients. We believe that long-term sustainability issues can have a material impact on risk and return outcomes. We expect sustainable investing will be a source of genuine alpha over the long-run.

More recently, we have seen a growing interest in sustainable investing trickling up from our end-clients. Our retail, wholesale and institutional clients in Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore are increasingly asking what sustainable and ESG investment means for them and their portfolios. We are also increasingly being asked how they can gain access to sustainable and ESG investing themes and how that can help drive excess returns over the longer-term.

This has been an exciting development for us. We have been working with the investment and fund managers we partner with to fully understand and challenge their approach to sustainable investing for many years. Now it is great to see our clients – particularly our retail and wealth management clients – beginning the journey towards understanding and embracing sustainable investing within their portfolios. We think this growing interest is a very important development for the industry across Australia and Asia.

Insights on Sustainable Investing


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