Nick has 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry in Hong Kong, spending the last 20 years working with clients in Asia on their wealth.

Nick left the UK for Hong Kong in 1994, starting his career in financial services with Zurich International Life, before moving to the advisory side of the industry in 1997. He worked in a number of administration and technical roles before becoming a wealth advisor in 2001.

In keeping with his long-term commitment to Hong Kong, Nick focuses on building strong and lasting relationships with a diverse range of clients across the world.

Over the course of the last 20 years, Nick has lived and worked through the full spectrum of financial market scenarios, and with his vast experience dealing with the ever-changing regulatory environment, Nick’s extensive advisory and product knowledge is invaluable in working with clients and their families to prepare for the future. Nick places a premium on being fair and transparent and focuses on providing tailored advice specific to the individual circumstances of clients.

Prior to joining Oreana, Nick’s most recent position involved successfully setting up an insurance licensed entity within a large asset management group, where he was the Chief Executive with the Professional Insurance Brokers Association. He has previously been accredited with the Securities & Futures Commission.

Nick holds an honours degree in Environmental Science from the University of East Anglia.


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