Capitalising on China’s rate cut | Ausbiz

Isaac Poole from Oreana underlines the need for targeted policy support in the Chinese economy, including credit easing from the People’s Bank of China, to ensure a sustained recovery. AS China cut its key lending benchmarks, the first such reductions in 10 months as authorities seek to shore up a slowing economic recovery, although concerns about the property market meant the easing was not as large as expected.

The latest monetary loosening comes as a post-pandemic recovery in the world’s second-largest economy shows signs of losing the initial momentum seen in the first quarter.

Regarding the US economy, Isaac points to potential macro risks despite the strong performance of tech stocks and underscores the significance of building resilience in multi-asset portfolios, such as concentrating on treasuries. He says that maintaining an overweight cash position in portfolios could be beneficial due to the possibility of an economic recession in the near future.

(Source: Ausbiz)

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