Oreana 2019 Medium-Term Global Outlook

2018 was a solid year for the major advanced economies, particularly the US. But asset markets struggled with negative returns across most risky assets. Our focus on the medium-term over the short term means that we spend less time on trying to forecast near-term outcomes. In our 2019 Oreana Medium-Term Global Outlook, we look out over the coming five years and identify key issues that we expect will matter for investors. We then recommend concrete actions that will help to deliver a more resilient portfolio and a more comfortable ride through those five years. Implementing some of these actions will help improve outcomes. But implementing all of these actions could be truly transformative. However, doing so is difficult, time consuming, and requires significant expertise and scale. Please contact your advisor or Oreana Financial Services to discuss how we can help improve your investment outcomes. View PDF >


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